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WIFI and IT Support

Implementation Planning

A network designed for your needs

A Comprehensive Approach

Every company needs to have a solid and reliable Computer network. At Nashua Data Solutions we build your network to handle your budget, but also we keep in mind the future.  Your network needs to handle the growth of your company without further upgrades.  

We can provide you a solid solution for Gigabit and 10Gb Networks to handle any amount of traffic you can throw at it.  Having the right hardware is important though.  We have seen many offices where price was the driving factor.  As a result offices of 25 people were running on a Retail Home branded router

Network Equipment

Modern businesses require modern solutions to their IT needs. VPN, Remote access, wireless connectivity, and expandable networking is a must.

For our Small Business Networks we recommend Ubiquiti Unifi equipment because of their security, speed, and cost.  Unifi has a great offering of product lines, from Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, Security Cameras, and Point-to-Point Bridges. This equipment is easy to use, and maintenance is so simple, you can do it yourselves.

Finance Consultancy
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