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VPN For Business

WiFi Access Points

Remote Apps

VPN allows you to connect multiple office locations together to use the same Network Drives and 1 centralized Server.  Or connect your remote employees to the central company database while still keeping your data securely encrypted. Let us help you keep your company mobile but secure.


Talk to us about our fully Compliant solutions for VPN that will be right for your network.

WiFi is important for business because we are mobile in today’s work force. We need to have Wireless access through the building allowing employees to access the critical company data as they roam about the building from there desk to the conference room.  Others want their customers to have fee Wifi while still securing down your Critical Data. We have the WiFi Solution to fit your needs

Remote Apps - a windows server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 service - works along with your VPN Connection to allow employees to access internal applications while on the road or at clients sites.  Construction companies, outside sales, Delivery Drivers are among the people that love remote apps. Let us Your company stay productive while on the move.  

Networking Designed for your needs

Every company needs to have a solid and reliable Computer network. At Nashua Data Solutions we build your network to handle your budget, but also we keep in mind the future.  Your network needs to handle the growth of your company without further upgrades.  


We can provide you a solid solution for Gigabit and 10Gb Networks to handle any amount of traffic you can throw at it.  Having the right hardware is important though.  We have seen many offices where price was the driving factor.  As a result offices of 25 people were running on a Retail Home branded router


For our Small Business Networks we recommend Cisco Routers because of their security and speed.  Cisco has a nice offering of product lines, which allow VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access to your building, and keeps it secure.  To many times we are called into a new client's office and their Previous IT Guy had turned on a completely unencrypted Remote desktop Session and call it VPN.  We understand VPN, and how important Security Is to your data.  We provide HIPPA Quality Data Solutions


If you have a Cisco ASA5505 or older Cisco PIX and need some configuration Assistance we can help you.  Give us a call and lets talk about what your needs are and how we can help.