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By Steven deSteuben, Jul 21 2016 09:02PM

We get many calls a year from customers who highered an electrician to run their data network. We do work with many electricians and they are very good. However, there is a group of them who do not seem to know much about the importance of a computer network, and how to run them correctly.

Just the other day we did a job for a client who had his house built recently. Somehow in the process of this, he was under the understanding that his electrician was going to be running all the data and phone lines for him. The electrician ran the wires to each room, though some of these locations were less then ideal. In the end the electrician apparently has no intention of terminating them in the electrical room. So when he signed off on the job, the wires were run, and terminated into plate covers. However, there was still no terminations on the other end. He did not leave any labels on either end of the cables.

So we came into a bundle of 50 cables for phone data and coax, with no labels. They were not even grouped together per room. This meant that our first job was to tone out all the cables, find them in the network room, and label both ends. Then we had to build a network rack, and terminate these cables. Lastly we need to then test all of them. The cost to the homeowner was nearly 60% of what we would have charged them anyway had we did the whole job.

Beyond that, Those wires were run together with electrical wires. This meant that the phone lines all had a hum in them from the A/C Current. Whoever it was that ran these did not understand the effects of AC current on Tel/Data cabling. This also effected the overall throughput of the network. That ac hum created interference on the data side as well. The cabling did certify however it was much lower performance then it should actually have seen.

one company last year had hired a kid who was on summer break to run cables for their new network. He had no experience running cables. But they all figured, how hard could it be? It took him all summer and he never completed the project. When the client ultimately called us in, most of what he had run was not up to building codes and had to be removed. Not only did they waist cable but they also had to pay for it to be removed. The cost of highering someone with no skills is very high in the end.

We always suggest that you select a company that knows computer networking. Some cabling contractors do not really understand these items too. In one commercial job we did a repair on, the contractor has run speaker wires in bundles with fire alarm cabling. This meant that all the speakers in the building has a slight ax hum to them from the fire system. To prove this we put the fire panel into test mode and then turned it off. The hum was gone. the only three options were, 1) keep the slight hum 2) install a filter at each speaker through out the building, 3) run new cabling that avoided those fire cables.

Nashua Data Solutions takes great pride in their work. We have specialized techs who know and understand IT and computer networking. This adds a value to the work we preform. We understand what the end result is, and what sort of things need to be avoided in the installation. We will always try to do the best quality job. Our quoting process is very complete. We try to keep our work on our pricing. This means that the majority of our estimates are right on the mark with the final invoice, less any customer changes along the way.

Feel free to give us a call and see how we can help you properly plan your next project

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