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By Steven deSteuben, Jul 3 2014 03:14AM

Perhaps you have noticed that there are many companies that offer Data Cabling and Structured Cabling installation planning and design. Some Electricians will even offer these services, often at far less then Data Cabling Companies. What are the differences, and what should you look for?

First off I personally work with a few very good electricians which we sub out some of our 120/240 work to. They are great guys. However, any one who specializes in an area of study will do a better job then a general all around guy. Take your primary care doctor. No doubt you trust them a lot, but when you need surgery you call the expert in the field.

Data Cabling is really the same thing. It does require a special understanding of how computer networking works, what environmental factors will effect the data Transmission, and all the special parts that will give you a neat install.

Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cables are actually rather fragile. While Building codes do spec some requirements for Data and Phone cabling, there are many "good idea" points about installing a computer network, or a VOIP phone network, which are not described in the building codes. Only computer network, and IT pro's would really know what they need from these installs.

At Nashua Data Solutions, we ensure that our Patch Panels are installed in a way that everything is neat and labled. We build in wire Management into our racks so that your network closet stays neat.

Second thing to consider is that not all cable that says Cat5e or Cat 6 is the same from brand to brand. We recently had a job which needed a special color. We were not able to order it from our normal supplier because this was an emergency job that had to be done in less then 1 day. So we went to our local Electrical Supply Store which had that color in stock. However, it was made by Honeywell. This cable was physically 1/2 the size of the cable we normally use. While running the cable we noticed that the outer jacket of the Cable was very easy to tear, almost by hand. When the install was complete, we ran our Network Certification Tester on these cables. The results were terrible. While they technically passed the test, the brands we normally use rate much higher and have less delay these "generic" cables that most shops use. We did end up having to replace those drops with the higher quality cables.

The end result is, Price is not the only factor to consider. What brands will your vendors use? Will they be Plenum when its required? Will they use outdoor rated when its in wet locations, or outside the building? Will they certify the network to 1gigabit speeds, or are they only going to give you a "pin out" Test?

We always recommend quality brands of cable, and take the extra time to run cables in a way that protects your network speeds.

Give us a call today to see how we can make your network wiring project a success.

By Steven deSteuben, May 31 2014 07:13PM

It has become very common for any business with a waiting area to pass on a Public Wi-Fi for their Clients to use while they wait. There is however a few major issues to consider if you are going to offer a public Wi-Fi.

Think about your Network; ask your self these questions:

1) Can your guests access any PC on the network, or your Server?

2) Can your Wireless guests see each other’s computers on the network?

3) What sort of Filtering do you put on your Internet that they can access? Can they access Illegal websites or download from your office, which may bring legal issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will not be in HIPAA Compliance.

Nashua Data Solutions has a plan for you that will provide a Clean and Safe wireless Access for your clients while protecting the identify of the other Wi-Fi Users, Limiting and restricting the websites they are able to get to, and while protecting your Data on the server.

Give us a call to talk about what we can do for you and your practice.

We have helped many of the Charlotte NC, Boston Ma, and Nashua NH Medical Offices to achieve HIPAA and to have Public Wi-Fi

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By Steven deSteuben, May 31 2014 06:44PM

The April 8th 2014 Deadline for XP's retirement has come and gone. At this point Microsoft is no longer going to be supporting the 14 Year old Version of windows. How will this relate to Medical Offices, Dental Offices, Eye Doctors, and the like? This means that whatever software you are running should be upgraded to a version that does support Windows 7 or 8.

We were in a Dental Office the other day doing Windows XP Migration, to Windows 8.1 Pro. While most of their Practice Management and Xray Software did support Windows 8.1, there were two pieces that would not support he newer versions of windows. The E40D Mill Machine was running Windows XP. It was amazing the pitch E40D gave us when we contacted them. The company claimed that they were so large and important of a company that they had made a deal with Microsoft to keep giving only E40D Customers windows updates for Windows XP. ???

It made me wonder, how many offices are running this hardware on Windows XP and have bought into that sales pitch "oh keep our hardware: you will be in compliance". I asked the company to send us a Notarized letter that would Guarantee that we would be still getting windows XP updates on the E40D. They quickly and emphatically declined to do so. Why do you think they didn't want to do that? Because the E40D is not any different from any other Windows XP machine, which will not be getting any windows, updates.

We wanted you to know for sure that if you are running Windows XP on any Medical machine, you need to be fully aware, you are not protected from HIPAA Violations.

Some firms have suggested that if that computer is simply behind a firewall then it would be protected. That is also a false sense of security. Consider this, have you ever got a virus on a computer that is behind a firewall? Of course! Firewalls are very important devices, however they will not protect you from Security Flaws of IE, or Windows XP, or any other application or virus. Do not be fooled by any medical software sales man.

Nashua Data Solutions can work with you to help you arrive at a plan to replace your Office computers, and to keep your patent records safe, and to achieve HiPPA and "Meaningful Use".

Give us a call to do so see what we can do for you.

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