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Should i use a projector or TV in our confrence room?

By Steven deSteuben, Feb 11 2016 06:34PM

This is a question that has been asked for many years. Over the years the answer has changed, and likely it will change again in the future. However, in todays technology market, our prefrence is for the TV. Let me explain why.

Projector Woes.

In the older days we would install a controller in the wall much like a decora light switch. This would control the functions of the Automatic Screen and the projector. While this did work, the issues we faced with that is that every projector and screen worked differently. Therefore it was hard to configure, and keep working, when items were upgraded. Second issue that comes up with projectors, is that they typically are not very bright. Yesterday i was watching a rerun of StarGate SG1 from one of the first seasons. They hit a button on a remote which turned all the lights off in the room and turned on the projector which then showed the video of what was going on. When they were done with the video they hit a button on the remote and the lights came back on. When the lights turned on everyone in the room blinked and strained from the bright blast of light. This is not how we want to present video's with the technology we have today.

TV's are far brighter, and far more clear then projectors are. The quality of the video does not degrade nearly as fast with the light in the room. For example, in one classroom we setup there were windows on both sides of the room facing the stage. When they used to hava a projector they needed the blinds drawn all the time. Now with 2 70" TV in the class room they do not need the blinds drawn, nor do they need to lower or turn off the lights.


TV costs have come down conciderably in the last few years. Because of this it has made the transition from Projectors to TV's much easier to make. One good projector might cost about $1000 and an automatic Screen might cost about $350-400 where a 70" TV might be in the $1500 range. The cost almost ballances out in the end. Ofcourse every room has its own challanges and some would argue the screen size of a $1000 projector could be 120-160" verse the smaller 70" TV. To make up for that some rooms have added 2 70" tv's - one for screen sharing and one for video feeds from the remote office. This was never an option in the projector world, atleast not without a video controller to enable split screen, or two projectors.

In the end our prefrence is for TV's because they look better running and off, and the cost is really quiet close anyway.

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