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Correct Wiring for Ethernet Cables.

By Steven deSteuben, Nov 9 2016 03:06PM

We do get asked a lot about "what the correct wiring method (or pinout) is for Cat 5e or Cat 6." Related to this is a question we get often as well. "Does it matter which color goes where, or does it just have to be the same at both ends?"

Sometimes you have to make a repair to a cable on your own. this will help you do that.

We always suggest using T-568B for wiring. This is the current insdustry standard. I can't remember when the last time someone asked us to use T-568A.

All the wires are required for 1Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet) and for Voip / POE.

We have seen it work with just Orange and Green, however that is not technically correct, and it will only be a 10/100 connection with now Power Of Ethernet which most IP phone will require.

The order does matter. The pairs are designed to twist around each other. So if you swap the colors around and make your own pattern, it would likely work. But it would not be correct. If you pick a random pattern you will not get the same speed, and preformance that you would using a standard pattern.

Related to this question, is how do you terminate a Keystone or wall jack. The pattern for this has to do with the particular brand. The pins will line up exactly as you see here, but the termination will vary from brand to brand. The brands we use, have a pattern that makes sense. You will have to look really close at the part you purchase for its pattern chart, and follow the T-568B pattern.

A third question we get often is: " can i use a T-568A cable in wiring that was done for T-568B" The anwser is yes you can. As long as the patch cable is using A on both sides, and as long as the building wiring is using B on both sides. it will be the same in the end. This also works with a B pactch cable in Buildings wired for A

I hope this has helped you with your repair.

If you need further assistance we would be happy to have one of our Network CableTechs come and fix whatever your building wiring needs are.

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