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Audio Video Systems

Conference rooms are an important part of most companies.  With technology changing as fast as it has been in the last few years, the methods many offices are used to using really don't work the best with today's newest gadgets.  Nashua Data Solutions has experience with setting up rooms to meet the needs of todays meeting rooms.  We have integrated video solutions, which allow your staff and vendors to plug into the table directly, or there are a variety of options for wireless display features to use Smart phone and tablets for your next meeting.


Whatever your conference room setup needs are, give us a call to see what we can do to help your meeting room come to 2020 Tech Standards.

* PA Systems

* Background Music Solutions

* HDMI over long distances

* Meeting rooms

* On Stage Screens

* Waiting room TV and Signage

* Table Integration

* HDMI over Fiber solutions for long distance runs.

* Video Conferencing solutions.

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AV Systems we install

Over the Floor Raceway

In some situations gettings a company to Core a whole in the floor is not really an option.  In these cases we have packages where we provide ADA Compliant Over the Floor Raceways to intergrate the building wires into your tables.   The picture on your left shows a typical installation where coring a whole in the floor was simply not an option.  This race way is about 6-7" wide and aprox 1/2" tall.  It has 4 chanels inside it which allows for Power and low Voltage.


Give a us a call today to see how we can clean up your conferance rooms.

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We configure and install Sound System Control Desk's For Larger Educational and Meeting Rooms.  We can customize a solution that will meet your needs.